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Objective C + IoS

In the fight for market share between the Android and iOS study showed that

iOS users tend to be more educated; wealthier; widely travelled and more likely to spend more when compared to other mobile os users.

Softquest Technologies created a wide range of apps that that obeys all apple human interface guidelines and excel in usability and UX as recommended my apple. Our talented team of forecasters with our brilliant and experienced developers can help you to:

  • Abstract the app.
  • Understand requirement.
  • Understand the user base and their nature.
  • Design, develop and publish the app on the Store and much more.


With your application on the Appleā€™s App store, your business will be reaching out to over 300,000,000 potential customers around the world! That is 4% of the world's total population! And the whole marketing field is just the way you design your app icon, the user interface and the competitive features. This and many other small details make planning and developing a successful app a tedious task. But we are here to help.

At Softquest Technologies, our designers and Objective-C developers understand the difference in various available platforms and trends, along with the differences across different versions of iOS devices that is available in the market. Even though the basic framework does not change, we understand that the objective, the psychology and hence the user experience for each type of user and the device which they use is unique. This understanding, we bring to emphasize your ideas and convert them into a business venture.