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e-Commerce Solutions

To disregard the potential your business has online; is to disregard a substantial opportunity! Web provides businesses with the chance to creatively market their products and services to the world, 24x7 with higher profit margins!

  • Is your profit curve slowing down?
  • Are you a brick-and-mortar retailer looking to reduce your costs?
  • Are you a merchant wanting to sell across all channels?
  • Are you looking for solutions to simplify your order process, warehousing, etc.?
  • Are you an businessperson who wants to sell your products from home without taking a major risk just yet?

But, with so many online stores offering the same service or product as yours, how do you ensure that your website is engaging, user friendly and responsive? Over the years, SoftQuest has built ecommerce solutions for public, B2B and B2C selling in the fashion, fitness equipment, home and living, food and beverages, real estate and travel industry, technology and more. These solutions are custom made to the requirements of the client, to help them harness the power of web in their unique ways.

eCommerce in the way it has to be.

The ecommerce solutions that we build are effective and engaging; they improve overall customer experience, and when done right, can even improve customer order amounts, shopping frequency and conversion rates and boost the performance of your web business by lowering costs, enabling efficient inventory management, and quality customer care services, while making sure that it is easy to customize and manage so you become self sufficient for your all your IT needs. The customizations undertaken by us include enhanced search options, innovative product presentation, shopping cart, account management, order tracking, customer relationship management, content management system, inventory management, Payment services integration etc.