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Mobile APP Development

With the people becoming more and more mobile, so are our business practices, our customers and our competitors. Not just enough if you have applications for your organization in the 'app store' and ‘play store’, but it is becoming more and more critical that the your website is smart enough to recognize and respond to the situations when it is being accessed by a mobile devices.

  • Are they looking for your store location, your contact details or a specific product or service?
  • Are they likely to get what they need or are they getting disappointed with how your website renders on their mobile devices?
  • Do you think that your customers are accessing your company website with their mobiles when they are on the go?
  • Do you have a website? Have you seen how your website looks on a mobile devices?

Mobile is becoming the prime way users consume content.

Developing Mobile optimized websites has become more challenging due to the number of different device types, various operating systems and screen sizes, But SoftQuest makes it more appropriate and cost effective preference for brands that are venturing forward into the mobile space for the first time. Contrary to common belief, a mobile website is not a simple website. Mobile websites are more like personal assistants who offer addresses, travel plans, expenses and other specific information that is brief, urgent and immediate. And, the Apple “app store” is a proof that users even don’t mind to pay as long as it is easy to download and use. The mobile world is profitable!

At SoftQuest, before we start any project we get an insight based on research, experience and observations we obtained from analyzing people use technology in their homes, at work, in an industry and on the go. It is these observations and research that distinguish effective mobile websites from other mobile websites. For example, ebay understands that users on their website want to buy. However, on mobile websites, equal importance is given on the “wish list” feature as their research shows that many users would want to shortlist products and buy later (when they are on a computer for example). Similarly, while the Flipkart predicted that most likely requirements of their target audience and focuses more on offers and deals in the mobile website. SoftQuest Technologies builds mobile websites where the users starts experiencing the feature at the point the user enters the URL from their mobile device. As soon as they are detected as a mobile user, they are automatically presented with the mobile optimized website and in many cases, even a device optimized version.